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Photos Courtesy of: Official Acura Site - http://www.acura.com

Year: 2001
Make: Acura
Model: RSX SEMA Concept
Position: Front Engine
Power: 500 BHP / 372.9 KW @ N/A RPM
Redline: 9000
Exhaust: Dual center exhaust
Drive Wheels: RWD
Front Brakes: Brembo Discs
Rear Brakes: Brembo Discs
Front Tires: Michelin F1 Rain Tires
Rear Tires: Michelin F1 Rain Tires
Acura RSX Concept: Take one extremely competent performance sports coupe, add international touring car modifications, and the end result is the Acura RSX Concept &endash; an ultimate performance machine. Modified by American Honda's accessory engineering and design group, this heavily-tuned RSX rides on a chassis track extended five inches wider than the stock RSX. Meant to be a design exercise to explore the possibility of touring car racing, the body and chassis of the RSX Concept is comprised of racecar suspension tuning, large 19-inch "black chrome" wheels, prototype Michelin F1 rain tires, Brembo brakes, front and rear carbon fiber spoilers and diffusers, an underbody spoiler, dual center exhaust, custom HID headlights and massive fender flares to compensate for the increased track. Inside, the driver cockpit has been modified to race specs with carbon fiber seats, race-style instrument panel, a S2000 gauge cluster with 9000 RPM redline and numerous other enhancements. Engine enhancements are consistent with a powerplant that would be competitive in the German DTM touring car racing series (about 500 horsepower). Overall, the RSX Concept characterizes the extreme side to the versatility of the RSX platform.

Story by Acura
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