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Photos Courtesy of: Official Honda Site - http://www.honda.com

Year: 2003
Make: Honda
Model: HSC Concept
Position: Mid-Engine
Configuration: V6
Power: 300 BHP / 223.7 KW @ N/A RPM
Drive Wheels: RWD
Length: 167.3 IN / 4249 MM
Width: 74.8 IN / 1900 MM
Height: 44.9 IN / 1140 MM
Transmission: 6-Speed Sequential
The HSC was created to deliver the joy of a sports car and the thrill of free-spirited driving in a package that anyone can handle. It combines the ultimate in vehicle performance with carefree handling accessible to all.

The HSC is a pure sports car, offering driving exhilaration that until now only a professional could experience. The long wheelbase and short overhangs help maximise performance.

Located mid-ship for better handling, the lightweight compact V6 engine is designed for high efficiency and an output in excess of 300 horsepower. A paddle-shift shift lever makes for instant gear changing.

The HSC delivers liberating technology in a machine accommodating enough for any driver.

It all started with the S500, Honda's first automobile a two-seat sports car - and the HSC is the latest inheritor of the Honda sports DNA.

Story by Honda Motor Co, Ltd
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